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Have you ever cut yourself while shaving? If you haven't, then you have a gift with a blade that means you should be working somewhere in the medical field or a sideshow, you've never shaved before, or you are lying. Everyone gets little nicks and cuts when they shave occasionally. Shaving also opens up the pores of the skin, and you need to close them to keep bacteria and dirt out of them. The Edwin Jagger Alum Block is a great way to do that. Why Choose Edwin Jagger Alum? The bar is the 'original antiseptic aftershave'; and when you dampen it and rub it on your face, it will work very much like styptic to stop bleeding as well as to close the pores. When you use it, you will also find that it gives your skin a nice and smooth feeling. If you are usually subject to razor burn, then using this bar could be a great way to eliminate that terrible feeling afterwards. The 54g Alum is a great addition to the accessories you have for shaving. If you travel often, you might even want to pick up a second bar that you will be able to take along with you.