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This is it! The one you have been waiting for! A true menthol after shave -- on steroids. If you love the cooling, skin-tightening sensation of these types of splashes, then Fine's Snake Bite After Shave is just what you need - the original "Burn & Quench". Fine Accoutrements is giving you the best and giving it to you simply: no artificial colors, emulsifiers, petroleum, or silicone. They give you everything this grooming essential should with just 3 ingredients: alcohol, water, menthol. Like any good splash, it has antiseptic and astringent properties for your newly groomed skin. But then they take it to the next level with 5 times the menthol of their traditional formulation. The resulting after shave isn't for the faint of heart. It is billed as a tonic that "burns like the devil, freezes like the Rockies, and cures all that ails you". You have been warned. Residual effects may even harm animals and small children (and your sinuses), so use with discretion. It comes in an awesome, vintage glass bottle & label with flow restrictor so your splash goes where you want it, which is important in a product dubbed "Snake Bite". Freeze your face off with Snake Bite.