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Over 100 hundreds of blade manufacturing and expertise go into production of these grooming essentials. The Merkur Heavy Duty Long Handle Barber Pole Safety Razor is chrome-finished for corrosion resistance and the requisite gleam. It is a 2-piece double edge razor. This means that the top plate of the head unscrews from the handle and base plate, the blade can be changed out, and the long screw is re-inserted into the handle. It also is closed comb/straight bar so your skin feels less of the blade exposure. And it takes any standard DE blade. The comfortable handle is designed with a non-slip grip so you can use it in wet environments (Good thing, eh?). Longer and heavier than the 34C, it weighs over 4 oz. The striped texture also evokes images of the iconic striped barber pole that would have heralded a generation of gentleman to enjoy the very ritual that you do.