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Captain's Choice has grown their brand slowly, introducing products only after extensive product testing. If the Captain wouldn't use it, then he wouldn't sell it. So, now their line of bespoke aftershave fragrances graces a fabulously lathering shaving cream. Loaded with moisturizing and nourishing ingredients, this cream whips up a great froth. Aloe, glycerin, sweet almond oil and more will leave your skin smooth and protected. This cream is great for face, bowl, or even palm lathers. And it is easily dispensed into another container if you want to take a travel size with you when you aren't at home. But the scent is what loyal fans have been waiting for. Matching shaving creams for Captain's aftershave fragrances has wet shavers salivating. The 45th Parallel (north and south) circle the earth 1/2 way between the equator and the poles. In the north, this line rests on orchards and in the south on oceans. This blend is captured in the adventurous spirit of this shaving soap. Essential oils of cherry and almond give it a sweet vibe. Some viewers have described it as "pina colada" or "boozy, almond, and fruity". It is a prominent (and tantalizing) scent.