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This popular standby is the one often chosen for good reason—it just oozes tradition.  The scent has a low-key profile that is sophisticated but never stuffy.  Take yourself back to a time of simple elegance with this selection.

If smooth, hydrated and rejuvenated skin is what you seek, look no further! Captain’s Choice shave balm is the perfect way to top off a great shave, as well as the ideal solution for a daily moisturizer. Made with all-natural aloe vera and infused with botanical extracts, this shave balm delivers unbeatable moisture that will leave your face feeling refreshed and nourished all day long. Their proprietary formula is designed to soothe even the most sensitive skin. With this product a little goes a long way! Just one pump with their handy dispenser is all you need for each side of your face. Try it yourself and join customers who just rave about its performance!

Packaged in a convenient four-ounce amber bottle. (Any shading or color variation is due to the nature of the packaging.)