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As the name would indicate, the Edwin Jagger 99.9% Natural Shaving Cream Cooling Menthol utilizes natural and organic ingredients to give customers a quality shave without harmful chemicals found in lesser products. In fact, this is far from the only product from the brand that features the 99.9% label. The brand is committed to providing a wide range of luxury items that will always help and never harm its users. This utilizes cooling menthol to provide a refreshing feeling during and after each use. It produces a rich lather to protect the skin, while also allowing the wet blade to glide across and cut facial hair easily. A smooth shave results in little to no irritation, and the menthol works to heal the skin as well. No red bumps, no itchy or uncomfortable blemishes. Just a cool and refreshing feeling. Getting a quality trim with superior products is at the very heart of the Edwin Jagger brand. Developed in Sheffield, England in 1988, this family operated company strives to offer its international clientele the best experiences possible when grooming. With this cream, that promise comes to life.