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The name Agua Dulce (sweet water) is a reference to the classic, and possible first truly "American" myth, Florida's Fountain of Youth! Just like our country in it's infancy, it has elements of the old world as well as the new and unknown. This is what they think classic Florida Water should reflect, as the pools of such a mythical fountain would! Stay rejuvenated and refreshed all day with a splash of Agua Dulce. Florida Water has always been popular in the forums, like itself subtle and elusive, but there none the less. Some grew up with it and maybe never used it, that strange mysterious glass bottle that someone in the house used...maybe?  The mysterious label, you immediately recognize it but probably never really looked to close at it. It also seems everyone smells something different; Orange blossoms, Coca Cola, Juicy Fruit, Pepper, etc.  Scent Notes: Orange, Neroli, Lemon, Clove and Lavender.