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D.R. Harris Almond Shaving Soap Refill packs allows you to accomplish quite a few things. Some of them related to a great shave and some of them not. D.R. Harris makes very high end products that transform your shaving experience. If you're been using cheap products for lubrication, the amount of lather you get out of this product will be pure joy. It keeps the razor moving smoothly against your skin (remember to change your blade or strop it regularly) and protects against bumps, abrasion, and rashes. It also has a great scent, so you'll feel fresh and clean when you're done. This pack also cuts down on waste. Good soaps oftentimes come in reusable bowls. Rather than tossing everything out when you are done, you can just refill the bowl with this product to eliminate waste from the landfills and, of course, get the best value for your dollar. If you want keeping your face neat and clean to be fun again, rather than a painful chore, switch to a soap and get a good brush. With the refills, you'll cut down and cost and be doing a beneficial thing for the planet, as well.