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This shaving cream goes on smooth and keeps you protected! The D.R. Harris Almond Shaving Cream Bowl comes from one of the best men's product makers around, and it lives up to the proud name on the label. It has a concentrated cream in it and the glycerin levels are a bit higher than average, which makes this perfect for people with sensitive skin. You can get a great lather out of it, but make sure you get a good brush so you maximize what it can do to keep your skin healthy and without nicks. When you use this product, be sure you lather it up thick. This is really where your protection comes from. Give it a bit to settle into your whiskers, which makes them fat and ready to be cut without resistance. With a great razor, you'll be able to get the same close results that guys with very tough skin get, but you won't have any issues with rashes, abrasions or other problems. This is a high-end product and it smells like it, with a rich almond scent that's really invigorating and that compliments most anyone's natural smell, so you can go out of the house with complete confidence.