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If you have never tried real shaving cream before, the D.R. Harris Arlington Shaving Cream Tube is going to be about the most pleasant surprise your face will ever get. It comes in a tube, which makes it ideal for travel. All you do is wet your whiskers or your beard, use a brush to apply the product to your face (or in a bowl/mug) to get a good lather going. Then let it sit for a few seconds to soften up the follicles. This product has the classic Arlington scent. This is a blend of different scents, including fern and citrus notes, leaving a very fresh and rejuvenating feeling after you're done. This cream happens to be excellent for people who have dry skin, as it keeps moisture from leaving your skin quite as readily as it normally does after you shave. You can use this product with a brush, if you prefer, but the fact that you can use it with your fingers makes it ideal for people who are on the road. If you have serious dry skin problems, consider using a balm after you shave.