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This shaving soap has undergone a triple-milling process to guarantee that it produces lather of consistent thickness from the first application to the last use. The triple-milling also makes it last longer so you can reduce even more costs. It can last for several months so you won't have to keep restocking and spending on your grooming supplies. This shaving must-have is ideal for men with sensitive skin because it contains a mixture of natural ingredients. For a smooth shave with less irritation, this is your best choice. It also has a pleasant and masculine scent that is made by combining the fragrances of sandalwood and plant-based oils that are gentle on your skin. This Sandalwood scent is the newest in the D.R. Harris line and it is getting rave reviews. With this grooming product, you can also experience the traditional way of shaving that was done decades ago. Apply your wet brush to the soap and lather up.