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For pure elegance, it's hard to outdo mahogany. The D.R. Harris Windsor Shaving Soap in a Mahogany Wood Bowl capitalizes on this, combining that refinement with one of the most complex scents that this company has come out with. Prepare yourself for quite a shaving experience. When you put this soap on, lather it up with a brush, you'll at first smell a distinct aroma of citrus and orange, with some herbal notes. After a while, however, the aroma evolves, taking on hints of patchouli, black pepper and vetiver. The end result is a scent that is both manly and alluring. This product goes beyond the cosmetic, however. It's one of the best ways to protect your face when you're shaving. Using a brush ensures you get the protection right down to the skin, lifting whiskers, fattening them up with moisture and making them very easy to cut. When you're done, you'll smell as great as you look. Make sure to combine this with a good aftershave to get the best results and moisturize after you're done. It goes a long way toward keeping your skin healthy and glowing, even if you groom and trim your facial hair daily.