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The D.R. Harris Windsor Shave Cream Bowl is great for men who like to use a brush when they shave. It also has a scent that's unforgettable and complex. It eventually takes on qualities that invoke patchouli, black pepper and vetiver but the initial notes are citrusy. That's the fun thing about complex aromas, they evolve a bit, providing you with a great smell after they've blended with your natural scent and one that doesn't come off as cheap at all. This smells sophisticated because it is exactly what it is. This comes in a 150g size, which is sure to last quite a while. So you can whip up mounds of frothy lather. With this brand, there are never questions about quality. This is very classy stuff. If you want to smell like someone who is distinguished, refined and who really knows how to take care of themselves like a proper gentleman, then this is, perhaps, exactly what you've been waiting for. This aroma really has people talking as it's something so distinctive and elegant that it's hard to forget.