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Classic Pomade (formerly No2 Classic Pomade) is an oil based pomade formulated with avocado and coconut oils. These special oils nourish the scalp and keep the hair strong and healthy while beeswax and micro wax are added to provide malleable but effective hold. Classic Pomade is perfect for showcasing many styling techniques, has "uber control" and is easily applied. Scented with a complex combination of spices including black pepper and nutmeg their Classic Pomade provides a classic and delicious fragrance. For all hair types. This pomade is free from parabens and nasty chemicals, and all their ingredients are sourced from the UK.
DIRECTIONS FOR USE: 1. Apply a small amount to towel dry hair to tame stray hairs and for a more natural look. 2. Apply a large fingertip scoop for a more classic style.