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Purpose: Hone your straight razor blade to premium sharpness with the Dovo Leather Strop. The ideal way of keeping your razor in quality condition. Method: First of all, never strop after a shave - leave it at least 48 hours, because the blade is particularly delicate after a wet shave. Use the Dovo Leather Strop's metal ring to attach it to a firm surface, and hold it taut in one hand. Then, with the blade facing you, slowly pass the razor along the length of the strop. At the end, flip it over and bring it back - you should never strop in the direction of the blade - this will ruin the strop. Ensure you strop the full length of the blade for an even finish - it will take several passes to truly hone it. Why it Works: Overtime, tiny imperfections develop in your straight blade, and it loses it's sharpness. This is where a strop is required. Dual sided, the Dovo Leather Strop features a canvas side for initial honing, and a leather side for getting it really precise and smooth.