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Gearing up for a shave is important, as many men know. Using a wet blade and quality cream, you will achieve a close cut that is also comfortable. However, a step in the process that is too often overlooked is once you place the razor back on the counter. Washing with water and drying with a towel simply isn't good enough. You need a product that will protect your skin the rest of the day. With those thoughts at the top of their minds, the blokes at Dreadnought developed a Post Shave Balm that soothes the face, keeps it cool and safeguards it as well, just as you would expect from the company with the menacing warrior on the front of the 100ml jar. Though it is designed specifically for real men, women have been known to enjoy it on their legs as well. Dreadnought uses the best ingredients in its products, such as decelerine, which can only be described as a 'miracle.' It also stays away from harmful preservatives, such as paraban. Therefore, you know when you use this post shave salve that it is safe for you. In fact, its good for the environment, too, and the packaging is completely recyclable.. Size: 100ml Made in Great Britain.