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Don't you just hate it when your poorly-built razor leaves cuts and stubbles on your face, instead of actually shaving your beard and mustache clean? It's time to throw away your mediocre device, and replace it with Edwin Jagger Double Edge Safety Razor, Faux Ebony and Nickel Plated. This grooming essential for men provides an accurate and close shave, especially if you apply a hefty lather of their natural shaving cream. It's perfectly balanced weight, ergonomic design, and length makes it an excellent traditional shaving essential for beginners and seasoned wet shavers alike. Since this product is part of the Edwin Jagger's line of DE safety razors, expect that it also has the standard hand-crafted three piece head that is loved by veteran wet shavers and takes your favorite DE blades. Not only is the head exceptionally functional, but its handle is also sleek and well-designed. The touch of handsome faux ebony gives an elegant and suave appeal that will surely tickle a gentleman's fancy. The exterior of this shaver is also coated in a layer of nickel, making it resistant to wear and corrosion. Length: 4.4 inches Weight 114 grams Made in England