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If you are looking to make a statement in your shaving den, look no further than Edwin Jagger and the 3D Diamond design. For decades EJ has been at the forefront of quality, design, and function in the wet shaving world. And with this set you can see why they have such a following. Check out Edwin Jagger 3-Piece 3D Diamond DE Shaving Set, Black & Chrome. This set includes 3-pieces to kick your shave (and your den) up a notch: Edwin Jagger DE Safety Razor, Black Chrome 3D Diamond - This extremely popular razor takes standard DE blades. The three-dimensional patterned handle is black with a raised diamond shaped finish. The popular, much-talked-about Edwin Jagger DE blade head is a favorite among the wet shaving crowd. The closed comb is expertly engineered and finished with high quality chrome plating. Edwin Jagger Pure Badger Shaving Brush, Black & Chrome 3D Diamond - This brush is loaded with 100% pure badger hair. While not the highest grade, you still get the benefits of badger (good water retention, nice backbone) but without the premium price tag. The hair is firm and the brush is well-balanced.The black chrome handle is laser cut and textured for secure grip. It also has a chromed plated collar and end cap for a little bit of shine. Set your razor and brush in this chromed-plated stand. Perfect for storage and display, this stand holds both your razor and brush to keep them in tip-top shape. The base is substantial but still with a small footprint. Stunning design, exceptional function. Love your shave with Edwin Jagger! Made in England