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A refined take on a men's grooming standard, Klar's Shaving Soap in Sandalwood surrounds you in the subtle scent of sandalwood while ensuring every hair stands at attention for a smooth and comfortable shave. This plant-based soap whips into clouds of lubricating lather, conditioning the skin for a soft and healthy feel post-shave. Klar's Shaving Soap Sandalwood never contains harsh artificial ingredients, relying instead upon the skills of the artisans who create it to produce a highly effective shaving lather. 

Confident sophisticated men and women on the lookout for fine grooming products that mirror their lifestyle instantly recognize Klar Seifen as a company with a kindred spirit. Taking the very best from their long tradition of crafting superior soaps and moving into the future with an intriguing and expanding range, this vigorous German company promises unforgettable washing experiences for its growing circle of customers worldwide for many years to come.