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When a mere shave just isn't good enough, try this superlative product! It's a creamy-rich soap that lathers up like you wouldn't believe.  You are not getting a shave, you're getting an experience! And why not? There's no reason why something you do every day has to be boring or unpleasant. Even if your beard isn't all that fast-growing, we're betting that you'll want to shave every day, just for the pleasure of the clean, classic fragrance this soap provides, and for the way it makes your skin feel refreshed and hydrated. This sweet almond Gold Dachs Shaving Soap, classic smells great and leaves your face feeling moist, so lather up and enjoy. Of course this product was designed for men, but we have to tell you that if you don't share it with your lady, you're not a very nice guy, and we'd really like to think well of you so don't disappoint us.