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Life isn't too complicated, and that's just the way we like it. You have work, family and friends, hobbies, and your annual vacation. Things are good. The only real issue that you have is shaving. You hate it. To be honest, most people do, at least until they start shaving the right way. Yes, there is a right and a wrong way to shave. If you are using low quality razors that hurt your face and take forever to remove your facial hair, you are doing it wrong. It's time to talk with Mr. Peabody and head into the Way Back Machine. It's time to start shaving' old school, just as your granddad used to do. How is that possible? Easy, at least when you are using the Muhle R89 GRANDE Double Edge Safety Razor. Good razors really do make all the difference in the world. This piece looks great when you set it on your bathroom counter, and it works like a dream to clear that hair from your face in no time. The GRANDE is different from the other R89 in the fact that it has a longer and wider handle. It will work with the RHM SR safety razor stand, as well.