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Somewhere along the way, guys everywhere settled for using goop compressed into an aerosol can as shaving cream. Inspired by the great outdoors and a desire to provide men everywhere with a premium shaving experience they deserve, Rocky Mountain Barber developed their natural based shaving cream. Their proprietary blend results in a creamy and lavish lather for the ultimate shaving experience. Natural Ingredients to Reduce Irritation & Razor Burn Chemicals found in other compressed shaving creams can often contribute to irritation and razor burn by drying out your skin. Their shaving cream features both coconut oil and glycerin which help to provide moisture to the skin leaving your face soft and smooth. The resulting effect allows for an even glide with your razor across your face. Smell Like a Man with their Signature Sandalwood Scent No matter how you slice it, shaving is tough on your skin. Protect against nicks and cuts and treat your nostrils to sensory nirvana with the signature scent of our sandalwood shaving cream. The natural anti-septic and anti-inflammatory properties of sandalwood essential oil means it's perfect for those with sensitive skin, dry skin or acne. Crafted By Hand in Small Batches to Ensure Quality They take product quality very seriously, which is why they create their shaving cream in small batches to ensure their products adhere to the highest level of quality. Their frequent production runs mean you receive a shaving cream that contains fresher ingredients.