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The Ultimate Man Comb

"I love using my sister's hair comb" ...said no man ever. Introducing The Craftsman, a comb designed for men - which means no plastic, no flower designs, and no fluff - premium components only. Built to last with a durable wooden construction for maximum control, this comb comes packaged in a foam padded gift box and includes a carrying case - making this the only comb you'll ever need.

Two Widths, One Comb

Fine & Medium widths provide the ultimate versatility in styling. Define your style with the wide tooth comb, then perfect & refine it with the fine tooth comb. Whether you have thin, thick, curly, coarse, or dense hair, this comb will glide easily through your hair - the only thing holding your hairstyle or beard back is your imagination.

Carrying Case for Portability

No matter how perfectly you comb your hair in the morning, a little upkeep is always needed, which is why we included a pouch so you can take this Hair Comb with you wherever you go.

Signature Rocky Mountain Construction

The signature design elements you've come to love and expect from our beard combs were used as inspiration when we designed our new Craftsman hair comb. Weighing in at more than 1.5oz, this comb weighs more than 4X typical plastic combs and makes gliding through tangles and knots a breeze.