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Bearded friends and soulmates - leave the tousle-look behind, because now real guys groom! Whether you're having a full beard, moustache or whiskers, your hair want to be kept under control. The Rumble59 beard comb will faithfully groom your facial hair and will gently spread the caring oil all over your beard. Get this all-purpose weapon made of sturdy wood - your beard and of course the ladies will thank you. Pocket comb made of pear wood for the second-best piece of men. This comb is handmade, has an embossed logo in the middle and is made of robust pear wood that prevents it from breaking easily. Some color variations may occur since the comb is made of natural materials, but these variations turn each comb into a unique piece. And above all that, wood has the ultimate advantage of being naturally antistatic so that your beard hair won't get statically charged. Unlike brushes, a comb only brings the hair into one direction and doesn't damage the hair at all. We always knew that size doesn't matter: this beard comb is big enough to provide a comfortable combing experience and is small enough to fit into the pockets of your cool jeans. Now, only one or two drops of beard oil are missing and your beard is enviably supple and fragrant. 
Material: wood  Composition: 100% pear wood  Size: approx. 13.5 x 5 cm