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With a unique contour design, this point tip tweezer aims for precision!
The featured molded safety handle and smooth tips ensure comfortable tweezing. Seki Edge tweezers are made to prevent fatigue of the hand by eliminating the need for hard pressure. But while these tweezers have a soft touch, don't be fooled. They are very precise in their action. These tweezers are made of stainless steel for durability with Japanese quality all meshed into one tweezer. Precise and sharp, it accurately tweezes fine hairs for flawless hairless skin. It can also be used to extract splinters. This tweezer can be used by professionals and includes a complimentary tweezer case. No Seki Edge tweezer gets by without being individually honed by one of our master Japanese craftsmen for superb quality control. If you want tweezers that last more than 6 months and years later work the same as the day you purchased them, then this tweezer is for you.


  • Weight: 0.13 lb
  • Type: Misc
  • Vendor: SEKI