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Avoid dull and disappointing shaving products and enjoy an energizing burst of citrus with every stroke of your razor. The Simpsons Company brings you the long awaited Simpsons Luxury Shave Cream, Citrus Burst. After years of intense research and development in 2014, the company eventually perfected its formula and is now embodied by this cream. Upon application, the lightly scented yet energizing scent of lemon and grapefruit will immediately greet you. The invigorating, but not overpowering, citrusy smell won't just revitalize your senses but will also bring about fun memories of summer. This amazing burst of citrus scent is ideal for someone who is looking for any energy-inducing alternatives. It is also the perfect item for those who want to add something special for their product rotations. Aside from its invigorating smell, this product offers you its ability to create a very rich and slick lather with just a small amount. The presence of these characteristics gives you the confidence to go in close and achieve a clean shave. Don't settle on a pass and let yourself linger in delight with the help of this amazing product.