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Feel the soft caress of rose petals and immerse your senses in the sweet, luxurious scent of vanilla with the Simpsons Luxury Shave Cream, Vanilla & Rose. This shaving treatment has a light, creamy lather that's enhanced with glycerin. Glycerin is a compound that hydrates your skin, allowing your razor to glide smoothly and safely across your chin. The chances of having nicks and razor burns will be reduced to zero because of the smooth, lubricating feeling this treatment brings. Since this product is infused with the purest essential oils and natural herb extracts, your skin will feel nothing but rejuvenation and freshness. But more than that, it also has aloe extract a perfect ingredient for soothing and nourishing the skin. Aloe has properties that not only moisturize but also nourish and repair damaged cells. On top of these, the sweet and enticing aroma of vanilla and rose will surely tantalize your sense of smell. Pop open the aluminum tin container, smear a dab onto your chin, and get ready to have an all new experience on wet shaving. Have no worries on harmful chemical side effects because this formula is paraben free. Truly, this classic shave cream will rise to live up to any man's expectations.