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Psssst! Have you heard about Tabula Rasa? No? Then you are missing out. German soapmakers, Eric Kormann & Xenia Trost, expertly craft this unique shaving essential to give you the best shave of your life. Whether you are new to wet shaving or a seasoned pro, you must try Tabula Rasa. This soap/cream is a unique texture, almost putty-like in its consistency. But it produces a decadent lather, rich and dense. Some declare that palm lathering is the trick to get the best out of this soft soap, but others are very happy whipping it up in a mug or bowl. Infused with argan oil and mango butter, it is full of moisturizing properties. It is, also, glycerin-based to give you exceptional glide. And it contains a proprietary Swiss-made ingredient, Stimu-Tex, for those who are allergy-prone or highly sensitive. Tabula Rasa believes everyone should be able to enjoy the magic of a great traditional shave! While they offer many uniquely scented options, their unscented soap is perfect for those who don't want any unwelcome or overpowering fragrances so close to the nose. It also means that you can add whatever aftershave or cologne you prefer without risking a clash of scents. A shave this good must be shared! Tabula Rasa: Pass it on! Size: 90g