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Mint Eucalyptus Organic Beard Wash is exactly what it sounds like. A solid bar shampoo for your beard infused with their beloved Mint Eucalyptus scent. While it's true that Beard Wash was formulated for beards it can also be used to was yourself from head to toe. They don't care if you refer to it as beard wash, beard shampoo, beard soap, or beard cleanser after a hard day it washes away the dirt, grime, and stink without damaging your beard hair. Mint Eucalyptus Beard Wash is made with organic ingredients, you won't find any harsh chemicals, solvents, or detergents. Ingredients were chosen to clean your beard with out drying it out or damaging it. Why include caffeine? Some recent scientific studies have suggested that caffeine may help stimulate hair growth. We're not as smart as those guys so we can't confirm these findings but it certainly can't hurt to try. Each huge bar is 6oz. Their testing indicates this is a 2-3 month supply for most.


  • Weight: 0.37 lb
  • Type: FACE
  • Vendor: TEXAS BEARD CO
  • Scent: scent:eucalyptus
  • Scent: scent:mint